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aufgrund eines Serverumzuges war Hacking-Challenges 2 Tage nicht erreichbar. Jetzt sollte allerdings alles wieder funktionieren.

Wenn noch irgendwo Fehler oder Probleme auftauchen schreibt diese bitte hier in den Thread.

Viele Grüße


Re: Serverumzug Hacking-Challenges


I had 102 validations before the migration. It looks like 1 or 2 days were lost. I don't really remember when I solved the 6 missing.
It's not really important. I'll solve them again.

Just to let you know.

By the way thanks for the site. I'm having fun playing again a

Re: Serverumzug Hacking-Challenges


Those "Web" challenges are broken :


Re: Serverumzug Hacking-Challenges

Hi S0410N3,

thanks for the information. The challenges are now fixed.